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Essential Oils

A health and wellness journey is like the wheels on a car.  When all four wheels are moving in the right direction at the same speed, then it's a smooth ride and you can make it to your destination.

Your four wheels are sleep, stress, exercise, and nutrition.

By following one of the STRONGirl programs you are covering nutrition and exercise. We do touch on things that will help you with stress and sleep but sometimes things are still out of whack.

Your wheels can work together more efficiently when you have the right tools to fix them, natural tools, like essential oils.

For example: if you are not sleeping well, then your body is not recovering from your workout properly. Essential oils are a great support for assisting in the quality of your sleep.  I myself like to fall asleep with lavender essential oils diffusing on my bedside table and I sleep so much better. 

Essential oils are a simple and affordable, safe option for you to get better results. 


Getting started with
doTerra Essential Oils is easy!

Click the button below to check out my favourite starter kit!

The Healthy Start Kit will have everything that you need to dip your toes in the waters of natural health with essential oils. This is like a taster pack of our top 10 favourite essential oils. These mini bottles and a small diffuser will help you determine which oils you love and help you to learn the best ways to use them at your own pace!


Why I chose doTerra

Back when my twins were only three years old, they contracted a bad case of croup. They had been on 2 different types of antibiotics and had developed horrible sleep recession with zero improvements. As a mom, I felt horrible, unable to support my daughters and make them better. I was getting desperate.


A friend of mine reached out and saw that I was frustrated and gave me some samples of doTerra essential oils. I was so deterred from having scents in my home. I think I was the biggest sceptic in the world actually. But I was also desperate, so the first night I tried the oils, I was in complete disbelief. The girls had slept through the night, the first time in 6 weeks! I tried it again and again and we all got 3 nights' sleep after diffusing these essential oils beside our beds! 


After this really positive experience, I went to an educational class and realized there are many different ways these oils can impact my life and make it better, and I was hooked.

Oh, and one more thing. I learned that DoTerra sources their oils globally and instead of paying the farmers for the products, they decided to pay them AND give them the tools that they needed to become sustainable farmers and support their families and future of their community. I was touched.

Image by Chelsea Gates

My favourite oil I use daily:


-Helps support my mood, very balancing
-Antiinflammatory, I take it internally to help support my body
-Joint pain, muscle pain, because of the same anti inflammatory properties
-Soothing, I put it on my face, in my body cream

I can't recommend this one enough.


Got Questions?

I can help. I consider myself an Essential Oil Expert. Ask me your question and I will get you my best answer!

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