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Enbridge Employees

Get 4 Months Access to my STRONGirls Online Membership $177.00. Regular $236.00.


Progressive Workout Videos that you can do from home

Minimal equipment needed

Ability to schedule your workouts

Be a part of the community


4 Months of Customized Food Coaching

$298.00, Regular $596

Email: with subject line Enbridge to get started now!

Join the STRONGirls Challenge

This 7 Day Challenge asks you to make 7 small changes that will give you big results. Ready to give it a go?

Let's Work Out

*Please listen to your body during this work out. If it hurts, do not do it. Consult a physician if you are unsure if this work out is right for you. If you have questions about movement, please contact me:

Let's Stay in Touch
Follow me @strongirlsinc on Instagram fore more tips!

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