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Food Coaching

Food Coaching with me is all about educating you about the macronutrients your body needs on a daily basis in order to feel and function the way you want to. 

After working together, you will be able to plan your meals, diners out, and social occasions easily in order to hit your goals. The ultimate goal of food coaching is to set you up for intuitive eating aka being able to listen to your body, understand it's needs and take action.

Warning: Possible Results of One-on-One Food Coaching: 
Lack of Guilt/Shame/Stress Eating
Less Food Drama Overall
Inch Loss/Fat Loss
Better Skin, Mood, and Sleep
Confidence that You Know How to Eat


NOTE: I will never ask you to stop eating the foods you love.

Getting to your goals does not have to be hard. If you take my coaching to heart, are consistent and patient, the results will come. And not only will you hit your goals you will stay there.


No More Yo-Yo Diets or Strict Meal Plans! Learn What Foods Work For You Once and For All!

What's Included?

Food Coaching Packages Include:

A customized learning path to help you learn what you are eating and why to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be

Weekly Check-Ins

Monthly 30 Minute Strategy Sessions 

Let me Paint a Picture of How This is Going to Look:

Using the FREE MyFitnessPal App, you start tracking your food as you would normally eat.
After 2-4 weeks of data (depending on consistency), we work together to set reasonable and attainable goals to help you start learning what your body needs
From there, we work together to fit food into your life in a way that allows you to enjoy it and simplify it.
As hurdles arise, (because life is ever-changing) we troubleshoot and reassess our goals to always ensure we are supporting your body.


The end goal is that you learn what it takes to achieve your goals and maintain them on your own long-term by obtaining the education and confidence to be in control of your own diet.

What people are saying about Food Coaching:

"I was finally ready to just learn how to eat the healthy, sustainable way instead of choosing another diet to get me to my goal weight. I never thought food tracking was going to be for me, but after 60 days, I am really loving it and your coaching is really sinking in!" 


"You have provided me with all of the tools I need to get me to my goals- I literally just need to do what you tell me and BAM: RESULTS."


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About Carolyn,
Your Food Coach

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I'm a Nutrition Coach, Personal Training Specialist and a mother-of-three from St. Catharines, ON. I know what it's like to want to change your body, and not feeling like you have what it takes to succeed. I started food coaching programs with women in mind, knowing that we are natural caregivers. How often do we care for ourselves?

My goal is to get you results and help you realize that making yourself a priority will change your life for the better, and your family will thank you.


All you need to do it click that little button below that says book a consultation. That's the first step, and I personally think the hardest one you will take, to moving forward and hitting your goals. Are you going to do it?

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