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Crock Pot Lemon Garlic Butter Chicken

I made this for Super Bowl but with chicken breasts and non-dairy butter and I am having it for lunch today on a salad!



Simply place the chicken thighs in the slow cooker. Combine 1/2 cup bone broth, lemon juice, and zest. Pour the broth over the chicken. Season the chicken with Italian seasoning, onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, crushed red chili pepper flakes, salt, and pepper. Top chicken with fresh minced garlic and diced butter. Cook on High for 3-4 hours.

Once the chicken is cooked, serve the chicken over salad, white rice, pasta, cauliflower rice, mashed potatoes, zucchini noodles, or egg noodles. (Just make sure to count those macros!)

Macros: 380 calories, 45g of protein, 1g carbs, 19g of fat

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Carolyn Food Coach, Personal Training Specialist

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