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Why You Shouldn't Give Up When The Scale Won't Budge

Updated: Apr 26

Does it ever feel like you are doing everything right and the scale still wont budge? When “calories in” are less than “calories out”, we should be losing weight right?!?!?⁠

In some cases, yes. ⁠

But in some cases, no. ⁠

There are SO many other factors that could be influencing the number on the scale. First, I think its super important to remember that it is totally normal for your weight to fluctuate daily because of water retention, digestion and/or hormones.⁠

Second, If you see the number on the scale go up, check in on the other non-scale improvements that you could be missing out on like strength, body composition, energy levels, the way your clothes are fitting, quality of sleep, stress levels and cardiovascular fitness (just to name a few).⁠

Yes, the scale can show us progress, but the scale does not reflect at all who you are and how hard you are working to make yourself healthier. ⁠

*Ps. If you are frustrated with your weight loss progress and want to talk about this one on one, Send me an email HERE. I would be happy to help.

Carolyn Personal Trainer

Food Coach

Mother of Three

Business Owner

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