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Top 5 Songs That Pump Up My Workout

Sometimes the first few minutes of your workout can be the hardest. Listening to music releases dopamine – one of the happy 'feel good' chemicals. This boosts your mood and makes you feel more optimistic. Having the right tunes to get you going can set a great tone for a smooth workout.

Here are 5 of my favourite songs to pump up my workout:

  1. Shoop ~ Salt ’n’ Pepa

  2. Started ~ Iggy Azalea

  3. Mr. Jones ~ Counting Crows

  4. Love Shack ~ B 52’s

  5. Baby Girl ~ Bryce Vine

You can check out all of my fav workout jams in the spotify links below:

Music stimulates the part of the brain that controls movement, so it helps your body complete repetitive movements more efficiently (like movements in your workout!!!). This synchronization increases your heart rate, metabolism, and energy efficiency, while also reducing blood pressure and physical and mental stress. So basically, playing fun music while you workout can actually increase ALL of the really cool benefits of moving your body!

SO...what are you waiting for?!!?? Put on some tunes and get that workout in today!

OH...and now that you have the music, do you need help with the movement? I have two spots opening this month for one-on-one training and customized at home workouts! Send me an email and we can talk about how I can help you create a workout routine that works for you while you dance!

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