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How To Write Your Own Workouts To Fit Your Busy Lifestyle

The internet makes it very easy for you to find workouts for any purpose, but how do you know if it's right for YOU? After all, a workout should be developed around a person’s age, goals, nutritional strategy, “free time” etc. Not only that, but it’s easy to overcomplicate this process – there are an infinite number of exercises, sets, reps, and programs to choose from. Learning to make your own workouts can make your workouts more enjoyable and easier to stick to!

Keep in mind, if you’re somebody that wants to skip all of that, and just want to be told what exactly to do…I build customized workouts for my online coaching clients and would love to have you. I get to know your story and struggles, your goals, and your lifestyle, and develop a workout plan that fits your schedule. Send me an email to set up a free phone chat to get started.

OKAY! Are you ready to start building your own routine and want to know how it’s done?

Let’s do this:

Before getting started it's important to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are YOUR fitness goals?

  • How much time can you invest every week?

  • What do you enjoy doing?

  • How do you want to feel when you are done?

Workout basics

  1. Start with a Warm up: A warm up gradually revs up your cardiovascular system by raising your body temperature and increasing blood flow to your muscles. Warming up may also help reduce muscle soreness and lessen your risk of injury.

  2. What exercises should I do? Whether your goal is to build muscle or lose weight, I would recommend starting with bigger movements first. Squats, deadlifts, pulls and pushes can all be modified to fit anyone’s goals and physical needs. PRO TIP: I always like to finish with core exercises

  3. How many sets and reps should I do for each exercise? Okay so this is definitely an entire blog on its own, way too many variables to consider. Let's assume that you are a beginner and we’ll start with 12 to 15 reps of each exercise (Provided the movement can be done safely and IN GOOD FORM).

  4. How much rest should I have between sets? Again, this varies for so many different reasons. As a beginner, you want enough rest to be able to use good form on the next set of exercises but you can still feel slightly out of breath. Let's say 30-45 seconds.

  5. How much weight should I lift? Keeping it simple, use the weight for each exercise to complete the suggested reps IN GOOD FORM.

  6. How long should my workout be? Plan for things that fit into your schedule, then take off 10 minutes so you aren't squeezing it in and rushing through. Success builds consistency.

  7. How many days each week should I exercise? Plan to move your body everyday with the time that you can mange. 5 minute dance party, 10 minute walk, 30 minute workout, 60 minutes, etc. It's ALL good for you! PRO TIP: If you plan to move everyday and you end up missing two, you still intentionally moved your body 5 times in one week. That is EPIC!

  8. Record your workouts. Use a calendar or a diary or a voice note on your phone. Tracking your workouts will give you another way to celebrate your success!

  9. Give yourself permission to mess up, learn a little, and keep improving as you train more regularly!

When you start to get in shape based on your own workouts you will develop a sense of pride and excitement. You can learn more about what makes you feel good and how to make it fit into YOUR busy lifestyle.

Alternatively, if you decide that you want to fore-go customized programs, I have a super easy to follow on demand video program that follows all of the workout basics PLUS it's super fun. Want to try it? CLICK HERE

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