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Did You Seriously Gain 5lbs in One Weekend?

Did you step on the scale Monday morning and see that you gained weight? Maybe an extra 5lbs? I use 5lbs just as an example because this happens to me a lot.

Before you spiral and get down on yourself, let’s really think for a second and see if you really did gain 5lbs or maybe it could be something else.

Let me tell you something that blows my mind:

In order to gain 1 pound, we need to eat an EXTRA 3500 calories. If we times that by the 5lbs you think you've gained, that means this weekend, you must have consumed an extra 17,500 calories.

17,500 calories is a ton! That is the equivalent of 8 large pizzas, 26 bottles of wine, or 125 Twinkies! So tell me this, did you really eat THAT much extra food this week OR…

Could it be water and inflammation? Your body may have just gone through a few days in a row of eating new foods or foods you don’t typically consume. Your body is saying Woah Woah Woah, and may not have any idea what to do with that food. So, it stores water or becomes inflamed causing the scale to go up.

But is this fat? NO! Keep following me for more education like this, and please, be nice to yourself when you step on the scale. Its information to help you get where you are going, it is NOT who you are.

Want to talk about this in more detail? Send me a message on Instagram. @stongirlsinc

Carolyn, Food Coach Personal Training Specialist


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