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Squat Countdown Challenge

Do you like a challenge? This one is short but effective. I like to do this one at the end of a strength training or cardio workout. You can do it anytime and it doesn’t take very long. Here it goes!

Countdown Challenge: Squat 10x Rest 10 seconds Squat 9x Rest 9 seconds Squat 8x Rest 8 seconds (i think you catch my drift) And continue all the way until 0

If you need to stop at a certain point that's okay. Just remember which number you got to and the next time you try this challenge, see how much farther you get. *Progress not perfection.*

Tips for squat technique: 1. Make sure your knees track outward and not inward. Think about having them hover over your middle toe. 2. Chest up. If I were standing in front of you, I’d like to see your whole shirt on the way up and down.

3. Drive through your heels when you stand up.

4. Your feet need to be at least hip-width apart or wider. 5. Remember to squeeze your bum on the way up and all the way down.

6. Don't hold your breath. You need to inhale and exhale on every rep. Your muscles need that oxygen. Once you have completed the challenge, I have one small favour to ask. Take a pic and post it to your stories on social media. You can TAG me, @STRONGIRLSINC. That way, I can cheer you on! Find me on Instagram HERE.


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