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Total Body Workout in 25 Minutes!

What is the hardest part about working out and making it a habit? Is it prioritizing time for yourself in your calendar? Is it lacking energy to actually do the work out? Is it knowing how to move or what to do once you have your work out gear on?

Well today I can help you with all of those! First off: a pep talk to the woman (you) who thinks her calendar is too busy for a work out. Truth: your calendar probably IS too busy! You do everything and anything for everyone else!

What I recommend you do is prioritize your workout by scheduling it out in advance and protecting that time! I look at my calendar on Sunday nights and find windows of time for me to get in my workouts.

You don't need to schedule a full hour either. Start with 15 minute workouts, then progress to 30 minutes. The results from these workouts will be motivation enough for you to prioritize workouts and more of them in the future, but start small and realistic okay?

Second. To boost energy before a workout, I recommend 3 things: 1. Eat nutritious food. 2. Drink enough water and 3. Get quality sleep. Sounds pretty obvious, because it is. Your body needs to be cared for if you want it to work.

Third: If you are not sure HOW to workout, where to start, technique, repetitions etc. then I’ve got just the thing for you! I recorded a beginner friendly workout for those looking to build their strength, work their muscles in under 30 minutes.

You can watch it below!

Once you do this workout, can you do one thing for me? Send me a DM on Instagram and tell me how you feel! I want to know! Have a great workout!

Carolyn Personal Training Specialist Food Coach Mom

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