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How to Keep the Progress Going Over the Holidays, and Not Beat Yourself Up

This is the time of year that things get busier, life gets more chaotic and free time seems non-existent, at least for me anyways. What gets me through the holidays without destroying all of my fall progress towards a better, healthier me, is reminding myself about my priorities and finding realistic expectations.

I repeat this often with my clients, both in Personal Training at my studio and Virtual Food Coaching, you will have three options for your daily choices. Good, Better, or Best.

Prior to the holidays or to chaotic, stressful life events in general, it's key to lay a strong foundation in terms of healthy lifestyle habits. If you spend your days drinking water, going to bed early, eating at least 3 balanced meals per day, and intentionally moving your body, you will have habits in place that carry you forward when times are tough.

For more on lifestyle habits that can dramatically improve your health and wellness, Read this blog I wrote: 4 Things You Can Do To Dramatically Improve Your Health As A Woman

Here’s an example of what I mean about Good, Better, Best. BEST: “I've been working out for 60 minutes a day for the past 8 weeks and I love it!”

BETTER: “But life is getting busy, so now those 60-minute workouts are dropping down to 30-minutes- and that is nothing to feel bad about!”

GOOD: “Life got busier still, and I had to reprioritize some things, so now I work out for 30 minutes every other day. This is still so much better than nothing!” But isn’t it true that when life gets busy, and we can’t do our “BEST” we throw in the towel and say -F*** it. We stop all of our progress all together and THAT is not going to get you to your goal.

We can feel bad about dropping from 60 minute workouts to 30 minute workouts, or we can remember that 30 minutes is good. You are moving in the right direction. And when the holidays pass, we can go back to 60 minutes when we are ready. You will not destroy all of your progress by having a “GOOD” day. TIP: Give yourself grace. Good is good. Better is Better. Best is Best. And None of that is worth giving up or feeling bad.

Some of us think success looks like a straight upwards movement. In reality it is a crazy journey with a lot of steps forward and a ton of steps back. Can I tell you a se

cret? It's all worth it.

Happy Holidays,


Personal Trainer Food Coach

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