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Quick Protein Ideas for When Life Gets Busy

When life gets busy, typically what happens is we end up reaching for food when we are on the go. Sometimes we grab the granola bar, the muffin, piece of fruit etc.

These are options that serve as a quick snack, but are often low or don’t include any protein at all.

When life gets busy, I know I function better both physically and mentally when I nourish my body with more protein. SO!

Here is a list of my favourite GO-TO Quick Protein Snacks for when life gets busy: 1. Protein Pudding: I like to take a scoop of my favourite Sunwarrior Chocolate Protein Powder and a little splash of Earth’s Own Chocolate Oat Milk, stir it up and eat it! In Sunwarrior protein, which some find an easier to digest rice protein source, you can get 20g of protein in just one scoop!

2. Beef Jerky: I like to grab 2-4 pieces of beef jerky in a plastic baggie and throw it in my purse. My favourite kinds is Mcsweeney’s Original Beef Jerky that I typically buy from Sobeys. In just 2 pieces I can get 7g of protein!

3. Morning Glory Muffins. So one of my client’s makes the best muffins and gifts them to me, and they each have 10g of protein in them! I’ll be posting the recipe to my blog soon! (If you want to be notified when I publish it, make sure you are on my email list by CLICKING HERE)

4. Original flavour bison snack sticks. I like to diversify my sources of protein and bison is a great protein source! There is 7g of protein per stick in my favourite place to grab bison sticks are from The Peanut M in St. Catharines.

And there you have it. Quick ways to get in more protein in a day when life gets busy!

If you have more questions about nourishing your body every day, send me a DM on Instagram @strongirlsinc

Carolyn Food Coach Personal Training Specialist Mother-of-Three Dog Mom #protein #eathealthy

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